Friday, March 09, 2012

my little monster turned 1

Charlie turned one on 2/25/12, he’s a big boy now!  I can’t believe how fast it went! I mean, people tell you how fast babies grow up… but wow is it fast! 


Our little monster needed a very special party and I was determined to make it a perfect day for him. I decided on the monster theme because it fit his personality (and mine) and started my hunt across the internet for ideas! I really was so happy with how it all turned out, I was smiling for the next few days… I can’t wait until his next party!!

We served hot dogs and ribs grilled by Charlie’s daddy, Kevin… who insisted on grilling! Our snacks were Doritos, pretzels, fruit salad, and a big bowl of Cheerios for the kiddos…


I made personal monster cakes for all the party guests put them all out around Charlie’s birthday cake…


The individual monster cakes were just vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting which I decorated with different candies to create monsters!!  One helpful little party guest (thank you Dylan!!) was more than excited to be my monster creating assistant…



The monsterish rock looking cakes were actually chocolate wafer cakes with very brightly colored frosting…

wafer cake

And then for the birthday boy’s cake Smile  He is a bit intolerant to dairy so I made him a special no dairy/no egg apple spice cake with vegan cream cheese frosting…

charlie's cake

A few cake smash tips… 

Don’t put the cake on a plate, babies love to tip and/or throw plates!!  (nice save daddy)


Take lots of photos, and enjoy the simple “I love you sugar” look that your baby gets that very first time they taste cake…


Don’t be afraid to let them get messy!!!  And a shower curtain on the ground makes for a nice big drop cloth, saving your floor Smile



And the last cake smash tip… let them see what they’ve done!


After the party Charlie had fun playing with all of his new toys, one by one… he especially loved the packaging!


We had a great day, it wore everyone out…


even the Moops!


Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!!!

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  1. HI your baby looks so adorable ;esp that cake smeared face looks super cute.Cn you plz share the recipe for the vegan cake and frosting?im planning on making one for my baby's first birthday.thanks.