Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rescue a Rattie!


Or help them out by making a donation to Rat Terrier ResQ! Rat Terrier ResQ, Inc. is a national all-volunteer Rat Terrier rescue group committed to saving Rat Terriers in need. I’m personally very familiar with this organization as we have worked together in the past finding, placing, and setting up transports for ratties in danger.

Some of you might know, or not… that in my spare time I try to help out with saving dogs in danger at shelters or in other situations. It takes a lot of time, & you have to have a strong stomach to deal with some of the horrifying situations that these poor animals are in. Every now and then though, I have to take a break because I just can’t handle it…. that’s why I have to just say how proud I am & honored to know some of the people that deal with this every day & truly make a difference in these animals lives!

So even if you can’t adopt, sponsor, or volunteer… you can still make a donation! Every penny helps! And if that isn’t possible (believe me I’ve been there) you can still help out by spreading the word. Twitter, facebook, email, etc… just every now and then remind people that these little guys need out help.

Also, right now Rat Terrier ResQ is running a raffle where you could win a corvette!
Click here for details

Below are just a couple ratties in need from Rat Terrier ResQ:

In need of a sponsor, Rosalina (just look at those eyes!)


Wow, you must get to know this girl! Rosalina is a darling girl, looking for that love that lasts a lifetime! She is cuddly, loving, playful and just plain sweet! She lost her home when her human did, and so she came to ResQ. Rosalina is probably a Rat Terrier/Dachshund mix, which makes her all the cuter! She is house trained, crate trained, and loves to take walks. She just started learning to walk on lead next to her human (instead of pulling and forging ahead) and picked it up in just five minutes! Rosalina is about 18 pounds (and that’s even a little on the “fluffy” side) and is 6 years old. She is really looking for her true love out there.


Bosco racked up some bills at the vet hospital, and he's looking for help. He's got empty pockets... Wait ~ he doesn't even have pockets! Yikes! Well then he *really* needs your help!

Bosco is a male Rat Terrier mix weighing about 20 lbs. He is approximately 3 years old and is crate trained and housebroken. Bosco get along with other dogs. We are not sure how he does with cats, but can have him “cat-scanned” upon quest. Bosco came to us from an animal control shelter in South Florida where he was scheduled to be euthanized due to lack of room. Bosco is a sweet and lovable boy that loves to be pet and is looking for a family to call his own. He is eager to please and learns things very quickly.

And then there’s Plinko (needs a sponsor)… she looks like she’s got the same ratittude as my Mic

Wanna play Plinko? Come on down! In this case, Plinko is a tiny little girl, about 10 pounds and 8-9 months old. She is a beautiful tan sable with a full tail that she wags constantly. This girl is a lap dog! Her favorite thing in the whole world is to sit in her human’s lap and snooze. She seems to love everyone, and gets along with all the dogs in her foster home. There isn’t an ounce of aggression in this pretty little package. Plinko is working very hard on her housetraining, and has already learned the doggie door. She needs to learn to relax in her crate, and we also need to do some leash training, but Plinko definitely has the personality of a wonderful companion for just about any family situation.

I do help out other breeds and animals as well… I just guess I’m a softie when it comes to ratties…

382410593_2e170ff5a1 My Mic… aka the Mickster, moopy, puppyman, mickeyman, king akahnatan, stupids, poops, & most recently forrest (he runs funny & believe me, he can run forever & fast!)


  1. Just awesome! Thanks so much for your support! Rattie love <3!

  2. hahaha i have a rat terrier, they're so cute and have amazing personalities. definitely great dogs for children!

  3. ooo what cutie pies!! great post kim! i wish we could get one!

  4. Thanks for the great photos and all the work you do. I have a Rat Terrier and she is incredibly spoiled. Thanks for sharing Kim.

  5. Ahhh I have a Rat Terrier mix rescue puppy! I love her, in fact, I blogged about her recently! Her name is Macy and she is a trouble maker, but cute as a button :) Your pup is so cute!

  6. thanks guys!! Ratties do have the most "unique" personality I've ever known in a dog... gotta love em'!