Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garlic Parsley Cauliflower

Let me just say that this cauliflower is so easy to make, and so delicious… that I have eaten it almost everyday in the past week and am still not sick of it!  So if your like me… 1st time mom, trying to eat healthier, no time to go to the grocery store, have to cook 3 separate dinners because of picky eaters, etc.… you will enjoy the quick lunch or easy dinner side dish that this post is about!


One thing you should know about my cooking is that I am trying to cook healthier… and that means low carb, high protein, and less dairy. I’m not a master chef, or a food photographer… I just thought I’d share my little recipe finds that I’ve come to really enjoy!

The other thing about my cooking is that I rarely follow a recipe, and I don’t measure. My posts about things that I make are usually based off of internet finds and things that fall out of my cupboard.  So that being said, you probably won’t find any fancy ingredients that you have to google just to figure out which section of the grocery store to find them in!  And if I do include measurements in a recipe.. that means I liked that meal so much that I want it to taste that way more than once! I like variety… so that doesn’t happen often.


cauliflower (however much you want to eat)
extra virgin olive oil (enough to coat cauliflower)
garlic salt (a few good shakes)
parsley (rip off about half a handful or so)
** ingredient note ** if you have garlic salt with parsley added, congrats… you just made your life one step easier!


step 1 ~ cut up cauliflower to whatever size you want, I like smaller chunks

step 2 ~ toss into a tupperware container and drizzle with the olive oil, shake it up!

step 3 ~ chop up parsley, add to tupperware container

step 4 ~ sprinkle garlic salt onto cauliflower mix

step 5 ~ shake it up!

step 6 ~ dump mix onto a cookie sheet, bake on 400 for about 20 minutes. flip halfway. This gives it a nice golden brown yumminess.

step 7 ~ eat!!

I’ve thought about adding parmesan cheese at the end, but chose to save the carb for something else.  So see… told ya, sooooo easy, I could make this meal while holding a cranky baby that refuses to nap!! And its only about 4 carbs per cup!


  1. This sounds like a very nice way to eat more veggies, I'll have to try it!

  2. Just made this! Was pretty amazing. I had some chickpeas I made into hummus and some salad. It was very tasty. May have to do it again with the rest of the Cauliflower!

    Note: I did it with fresh garlic. Still hits the spot. :) thank youuuu