Friday, March 02, 2012

Dirty Bananas

Ever since Charlie tried his first banana… he was in love! His eyes light up every time he sees them! And then came Cheerios, ahhhhhh the wonderfully yummy Cheerios. So naturally I had to come up with a fun way of combining the two!

So I present you with… Dirty Bananas!!!

These are so simple to make, and have made finger foods much more easier on Charlie because now the bananas aren’t a slippery slimy mess. I’m sure mom’s have invented these a long time ago, but since my sleep deprived new mommy mind came up with these one morning as I was dumping out the powdery end of a box of Cheerios, I am staking claim to these particular “dirty bananas”! So there…

So here’s what you’ll need:

1 banana
2 handfuls of Cheerios
1 baggie
1 crushing tool (I use this medieval meat pounder because its just fun)


Start off by taking out your morning madness on the Cheerios. Dump the Cheerios into your baggie and crush them into oblivion if it’s a rough morning… or bang em up chunky if it’s a good day! Mine usually end up becoming powder, I tend to make breakfast before my coffee so nothing is “happy” quite yet.


Now for the bananas turn! Use your best judgment on how big to cut up the bananas… my little monkey is still eating bite sized foods so I quarter each slice. He eats a good amount, so I use the whole banana.


Now for the fun part! Dump all the bananas into the baggie with the Cheerios and Shake Shake Shake! Charlie loves this part, he thinks I’m dancing (ok, I usually am…) so he bounces along with me! I’ll also make sure the baggie is sealed up tight and he likes to help out too. Don’t worry about separating the bananas prior to putting them into the bag, they work themselves apart.


Dump the resulting mess out of the baggie, and voila!! Dirty Bananas!! Eat and enjoy!


**Serving tip… these pair up great with yogurt or avocado for breakfast.

Messy Scale ~~~> 6, a little wipe down is required
(1 = clean baby! 10 = directly dump child into the bathtub after eating)

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