Saturday, March 17, 2012

Toddler’s Irish Smoothie

An Irish smoothie for my little leprechaun!


This is a great way to sneak in some veggies… and trust me, you can’t even taste the spinach! I used to make these for myself before Charlie was around… they made a great protein shake, I just switched up some ingredients to make them toddler friendly.



1 banana
1 handful of fresh baby spinach (washed)
1/2 container vanilla yogurt (about 2oz)
1/4 cup milk, or more depending on how thick you want it (more milk if it will go through a sippy cup)

Let your toddler take a bite of the banana, and then toss it all into the blender and process until blended!


Then watch your kiddo drink up all those good vitamins with a smile!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

**Serving tip… these smoothies make a great snack, very portable in a spill-proof cup! They can also be a yummy quick breakfast.

Messy Scale ~~~> 1, unless you are beyond sippy cups or straws… then I have no idea yet!
(1 = clean baby! 10 = directly dump child into the bathtub after eating)

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