Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bringing my blog back to life…

I’m back!  Why? Maybe I just found a couple extra minutes in the day, maybe I felt the need to share my ramblings and ideas, or maybe I just got bored one night!  The real reason is kind of a mystery for me… but I just thought I’d give it another go Smile

This time around is going to be a little different though.  My life has changed… A LOT!  I now have a new love in my life, my son Charlie.  I am a full time mommy now which means my priorities and way of doing… well, everything… has completely flipped.  So this blog isn’t going to be photography based, or business based anymore.  I’m hoping to share some new creations, revelations, and yes… photos!

So here it is… my blog, back from the dusty old shelves in my crazy head.  I hope you enjoy!

oh… and I’m very happy to have you meet my little man, Charlie Wynter, who may just have the same crazy gene as myself… it’s yet to be determined!


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