Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pear Project

Over at FPOE we’ve started a fun little project to keep our inspiration up! We team up with one other person and are given a theme. Then we each have a week to submit an image with our take on that theme. We don’t see the others image until they’re both complete! Then the submissions are posted on the Pear Projects blog.

I gotta say… it’s pretty fun :)

Last week’s theme, pears…. (we were a little slow to start, lol)

pearsKimberlyRose : AmeliaKay

Next week’s theme… tops/bottoms


  1. Cute idea! I didn't know this team existed. I think I'll join. I really love both photos. I think someone over on Flickr said it but you sure did make those pears look sexy! :)

  2. awesome that you blogged about this! And i see it up in your store too! Great :) I'm glad you guys are liking the project as much as I am!

  3. Preeti, you should! it's a really fun, helpful group :)

    klbk, thanks! it really is a fun project!

  4. These are lovely images!