Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feature ~ Byrheea

This month I have the lovely pleasure of featuring an amazing, dreamy, whimsical, outrageously creative artist, Rheea. I found her story to be a source of inspiration and smiles :) but don’t take my word for it… please read for yourself!

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Also check out Byrheea’s blog! In conjunction with the launch of her Dollgift greeting card series She is having a giveaway! Each of her greeting cards comes with a matching bookmark and a cute envelope. What's so special about her cards? Well, all the cards open up to a full illustration! Each of them comes with a matching bookmark and a cute envelope. PLUS, you will also receive a print (first pic) AND a postcard for this giveaway.

I heart You - Greeting CardMy CD collection

Contest ends 9/13/09, see Byrheea’s blog to enter and for details
No shipping restrictions for this giveaway, everyone is welcome to participate.

And now without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to Byrheea….

To where you areMy name is Rheea. I live, work and dream on a tiny island call Singapore. When I was found doodling on the walls of my room at the age of three, I learned the hard way that walls at home are not the right place to display my creative flair. To encourage my interest in arts, my parents enrolled me for an art class which I thoroughly enjoyed for three years. I remembered being the one who always initiate to make little note cards or drawings for friends and family members on their birthdays. Some of them still keep my cards/drawings till this day!

SwirlYears later, after leaving school, I struggled to fit into the working society; finding jobs, quitting jobs, then back to finding jobs again. I eventually got tired of the whole job-hopping cycle and decide I couldn’t go on like this forever. That was when I began to probe deeper on what I would truly love to do and realized I would like to sell my own works! Now, one year later, I work full-time from home and plan my own schedule everyday. Of course it wasn’t easy being everything and everyone - designer, craftsman, salesman, shipping department, accounts payable/ receivable, marketing and advertising, you name it. BUT that would also mean, more work satisfaction. Without much capital, I can only start slow. I believe one of the most magnificent things in life is to be able to what you love and be beautifully paid for. I am working towards this goal. Ha.

Set of 5 postcardsCurrently I have two labels, ‘Byrheea’ (By_Rheea) and ‘Dollgift’.

Byrheea is an expression of the more emotional and mysterious side of me. Some describe my drawings as whimsical, others call it contemplative. My drawings and paintings are inspired by great artists like Ray Caesar, Tamaxxx, Audrey Kawasaki, and many more.

Lullaby pillow

Dollgift on the other hand reveals the childlike side of me. The ‘doll’ refers to the little girl, Nina, in my drawings. She is imaginative, unpredictable and full of dreams. Oh, be sure to look out for my beloved Dashund boy, Nono, in many of the drawings as well. Since music plays an important role in my life, it is one of the main themes in Dollgift.

Currently my works are for sale at several retail outlets in Singapore, namely Anthropology at The Scarlet Hotel boutique, Anthropology at Holland Village, The Coffee Nation, and Cat Socrates. They can also be purchased online through my Etsy shop. For consignment (in Singapore), wholesale or custom made enquiry, please contact me at To know more about me and my works, please visit my official websites and

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whom I know or may not know for being so supportive of my works. Each and every little encouragement means a lot to me. Also, I would like to thank, Kim, for putting these together. Thank you. :)

Waiting for a call from heaven


  1. wow her artwork is amazing! very dreamy and fantasy feel to it! love it! great feature!

  2. THANK YOU KIM!!! I love love love (x 100) how this turns out! You're amazing.. Thank you for letting me know my works can be so beautifully featured.


  3. wow, i love her work!
    especially the first print!
    great feature kim! and amazing work rheea!
    thanks for sharing you guys! :)

  4. I have been so amazed by Rheea from the day I first laid eyes on her work. And what a sweet girl! Following her blog has been a true pleasure for me. Everything she does is magical!

  5. What an amazing feature! I love her art!

  6. how pretty these pieces of art are! I would love to win.

  7. lovely work! i'm so glad that you decided to feature her work and Rhea i'm glad that you decided to pursue your artwork. I find it inspirational because as an artist i am still figuring out how to promote myself.

  8. Amazing works of art!!! Love looking at it!!!!