Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New prices… new goodies

I’ve decided to put my shop through a bit of a make-over!


Step 1… lower the prices, big time!
Step 2… create a new banner
Step 3… create new categories
Step 4… redesign listing images with frames (the ones I posted earlier were lost, I accidentally dropped the hard drive they were on… and then cried)
Step 5… add bunches of new fun items
Step 6…. PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! (I can see why people hire people to promote for them, its a rough job….)

swingI print through professional printers online so after the cost of the print + shipping to myself + packaging supplies (I prefer recycled packaging supplies which cost a bit more) + the little goodies I through in with most purchases… I won’t be making much of a profit. This also goes against the advice I’ve received that you should mark-up each print for the effort you put in to create and take it.

So why am I marking down prices you ask?! To be honest, its because I love sharing my prints… and while I love to make a profit (who doesn’t) I am going to concentrate more on some other photography projects for now. So I’m hoping the pricing does its share of promoting to leave some more time for me :)

What else am I working on you ask?! Weeeeeel… I am looking into going back to school for a photography degree! Which I can imagine will take up plenty of my time. I also plan on submitting images to magazines and travel companies. I spoke with a professional photographer while in Alaska who had never ending advise on how to get your stuff out there, and its not just about selling. He has many images in magazines, just by submitting them himself. You have to put yourself out there, to everyone you can think of… because no one will come looking for you! Until your big and famous that is :) daisy

My other new endeavors happen to be for my shop, some new fun goodies! I’m experimenting with different crafts to create coasters, cards, recycled goods, mini stuff, etc… So when something comes out the way I like, then I can start listing. I’m a bit of a perfectionist in this area, I’ve been working on this stuff for months now and still working out the kinks.


  1. We want pictures. We want pictures. And I need to buy some stuff to take on my trip to visit relatives in the Midwest. dawn

  2. Dawn! My San Diego, RT, drinking sake buddy Dawn!! is that you?! lol, when are you heading back east? I'll get the pics done soon... I hope :P

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