Monday, June 15, 2009

Contests are everywhere…

So why aren’t you entering them like mad! Well, one reason I hesitate to enter contests is the fine print. It can be scary and confusing, but you really do have to read them. You must be careful that you aren’t losing ownership, or copyright of your images… I have come across more than a few legit sounding contests that become very shady in the fine print. So please do read the rules carefully!

Other than the fine print, most contests just want permission to use your image to promote their contest or maybe their next contest coming up… I say “thank you for the free advertisement if I win!” Just be sure they credit you, and most will have a limited time for this, for example: one year usage of your image in future contest promotions.

The other main thing I look at is the cost of entry. Most are free to enter… but some do charge an entry fee, usually small so its worth it. Just be sure to look through your competition so you know what your getting into… that also hints how professional the contest is.

And lastly, no contest is too small! Remember, winning is fun, but its also promotion. So be sure to check out local contests, and not just online contests… look at fairs, art shows, newspapers, etc…

So what are you waiting for? Go enter! It really is such a boost to just enter, and hey… if you win one, WOW! You’ll be doing your own personal happy dance no matter what the prize!!! Just winning is soooooooo fun!!

So now… onto the contests!

This is one contest I just entered… so please go and vote for me! It’s for product photography and the winner receives a month’s worth of ad space on ($60 value)

Please click here to vote for my Dreaming Daisies greeting cards image!!


Other contests I am planning on entering…. and you should too!

So that’s about it for now! I’m sure I’ll find many more in the future so I’ll keep you all updated as I find new contests. And please feel free to share contests you’ve found in the comments!!


  1. good luck! and thanks for sharing the info! i've been wanting to do some contests but you are right, the fine print is sketchy sometimes!
    off to vote for you! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the info. I love contest!!

  3. Thanks for this! I love contests!

  4. Enter the "Art of Photography" show!! Go for it! Great info - thanks so much for posting - off to vote for you :-D

  5. kim, i tried to vote for you yesterday and couldn't find your work. maybe i am looking in the wrong spot! i just tried again and went through all the photography! where are you at? ;)

  6. thank you! I just checked and I'm on page 10 now, if you click on recent entries. I wish they had a way to search by name or something...

  7. ok kim, i think i am big dork or something! i still can't find you! i counted the pages too! am i at least on the right website? lol!

    are you under the photography category?
    sorry to be a pain!!

  8. no worries!! the site is

    sorry for the confusion, but thanks so much to keep going back to vote for me! :D

  9. ahhh, i figured i was on the wrong site!!
    got ya! just voted!! good luck! :)