Friday, May 01, 2009

Print Lab Review - Miller's

New print lab review... Miller's Professional Imaging

If you are familiar with Mpix, your probably familiar with their sister company Miller's. So to get the basics, you can read my Mpix review!

But I do have some things to add that make this print lab unique from Mpix.

Miller's Samples

First, their paper!! They offer the same basic papers, but also add in textures that you can apply for an artistic look and feel... while at the same time protecting your images from being scanned!
Miller's also offers a fine art paper, similar to a watercolor paper, thicker & a little texture with a smooth feel. You can see the wide variety of paper choices once you place your first order... at that time they mail you out a sample kit, a BIG sample kit!

Another nice point to mention is that Miller's offers to print out a few 8x10's for free when you sign up, this is so that you can soft proof... not the best way to calibrate, but still useful! Also, they include a copy of each to show how they color correct if you choose that option. I found my print colors to be right on target, no change with the color correction... pretty much the same as you would expect from Mpix.

Be warned though, I use Miller's strictly for bulk ordering because they do have a $10.00 minimum order or else you are charged that annoying little handling fee. Not that $10 is much, but when you just need 1 or 2 prints and they cost below $1 each... its a hassle. Also, in order to view their pricing, you must be a customer with a login... not a problem for me, just another username/password to keep track off.

They do have a slightly tricky ordering process though. You have to download their software to place orders and as far as I noticed, you have to place similar orders as in ALL metallic prints. Or ALL black & white prints. Another hassle, but well worth it for bulk ordering. Also, their software has frozen up & bugged out on me a few times now so hopefully they will be fixing that issue.

Linen Greeting Cards

I have printed some greeting cards with Miller's on their linen paper so I thought I'd let you know that while the texture is different and fun, the cards themselves are a little bit flimsy... just so you know what your getting into. I have found that a few people really go nuts for the linen regardless...

And now for the why! Why do I use
Miller's?? Free Shipping :) So when I need to print out some greeting cards, or a bulk order of prints (all on the same paper) to fill up my portfolio... I go with Miller's. They are fast, and when they messed up one of my orders I saw a brand new re-print on my doorstep in 2 days along with a few apologies.

So, to review my print labs so far:
  • Mpix ~~~> quick orders, when only 1 or 2 prints needed
  • Miller's ~~~> bulk orders to fill up my portfolio, or press items (ex. greeting cards)


  1. Thanks for this wonderful review. It gives me an idea of what a new printer would offer, sounds like a good prospect to try. ruth

  2. Nicely done indeed - looking forward to more print reviews!

  3. Thank you for such an indepth review, going to check them out right now!